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Event Overview

Career Connect Expo (An expo, short for “exposition,” is an event and exhibition where various organizations, businesses, institutions, or individuals come together to showcase and demonstrate their products, services, innovations, ideas, or information to a specific target audience. Expos are often organized around a particular theme or industry and serve as a platform for networking, marketing, and education. 

In today’s dynamic professional landscape, the future of careers in tech, social science, and applied science is evolving rapidly with new inventions. This transformative event is strategically designed to address these challenges and empowering 300 Kano State participants and 600 from FCT Abuja, Nigeria, providing insights, solutions, and opportunities for individuals navigating these dynamic and ever-changing industries.

Bridging the Talent Gap

event objectives

Career Connect Expo addresses the gap in connecting talent with opportunities. We unite professionals, decision-makers, and businesses, fostering meaningful connections for career growth and industry advancement.



Career Exploration

Skill Development

What to expect

Attendees can expect a well-rounded and enriching experience, providing them with valuable tools and connections to navigate their careers successfully.

Tech Demos and Exhibitions

Organizing tech demos and exhibitions showcasing the latest innovations. Allowing participants to explore new technologies. Dedicating a space for aspiring entrepreneurs to present their ideas.

Career Fair

Hosting a career fair with booths for companies, universities, and recruiters. Facilitate networking and recruitment opportunities.

Industry Panels

Engaging participants with experts in tech, social science, and applied science through panel discussions. Covering industry trends, challenges, and opportunities.

Keynote Speakers

Inviting influential keynote speakers to share insights on the future of work. Inspire and motivate participants.


Arranging networking mixers to foster connections among participants, professionals, and recruiters. Facilitate meaningful conversations.


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Exhibition Opportunity

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Career Connect Expo is a dynamic event aimed at bridging the gap between talent and opportunities in the rapidly evolving digital landscape. It serves as a platform for networking, knowledge-sharing, and exploration of career paths in technology and business.

Career Connect Expo is designed for individuals passionate about technology, innovation, and business. Whether you're a student exploring career options, a young professional seeking growth opportunities, or an industry expert wanting to stay updated, this event caters to a diverse audience eager to connect, learn, and thrive.

To participate in Career Connect Expo, simply register through our online portal. Choose from various attendance options, including free access or enhanced experiences with our sponsorship packages. Engage in insightful sessions, connect with industry leaders, and explore the potential that awaits you in the digital future.

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